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Across Germany and around Europe

Foundation and Goals

Active across Germany and around Europe, Buschmann Immobilien Consulting is a reliable source of expert know-how in the field of real estate valuation.
For a period of over 25 years, Michael Buschmann performed the role of head of real estate valuation and consulting at a number of financial institutions. This included 12 years with the Deutsche Bank group.

He has been a publicly appointed, sworn and certified expert in the field of real estate valuation since 1999. He has worked both nationally and internationally since that date.

Michael Buschmann founded Buschmann Immobilien Consulting as an independent valuation firm in August 2008 in order to provide valuations which are subject to neither restrictive directives nor bank influence.
Since then, he and his team have successfully continued to provide services in the fields of real estate valuation and consulting.

Ballungszentren - Immobilien Consulting

Decentralized Setup

Presence in major economic centres

Headquarters in Düsseldorf and further offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich place BuschmannIC at the heart of Germany’s major economic centres.

Value development parameters

National and international projects benefit from our decentralized setup. As trends and developments in the market environment are monitored and evaluated locally by the respective team, significant value development flows are identified at an early stage and fed directly into the valuation process.

Short routes

In addition to the processing of facts and figures, this decentralized organizational structure focuses on direct contact with regional partners. Five offices staffed by qualified employees ensure that clients only have a short route to specialist know-how and consulting expertise.


Employee Know-How


All our employees have qualifications from a university or specialist college in at least one of the following fields: construction engineering, architecture, business administration, real estate management, geodesy.
In addition, they all possess both a wealth of professional experience in the field of real estate valuation and corresponding certification (HypZert as regulated by ISO IEC).

Further training and certification

BuschmannIC places special emphasis on the continuous professional development of its assessors, and promotes such accordingly.
Public appointment and HypZert certification are amongst the highest quality standards in the field of real estate valuation in Germany. This is due in particular to the fact that they require participation in various annual training courses and success in regular re-certification exams.

Sphere of activity

The BuschmannIC team is well-versed in the specific features of the German real estate market. In addition, BuschmannIC provides real estate valuation services to investors and funds right across the rest of Europe.


Buschmann Immobilien Consulting

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