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Real estate: Valuation – Analysis – Consulting

Our key services cover more than just classical real estate valuation. Real estate analysis and consulting are also important aspects of our activities.


  • Drawing-up of market valuations for properties used for residential and commercial purposes under the terms of § 194 Baugesetzbuch
  • Valuation of management and special real estate, and in particular care homes, retail malls, hotels and logistics centres
  • Drawing-up of insurance valuations
  • Drawing-up of market and mortgage-lending valuations under the terms of § 16 Pfandbriefgesetz
  • Valuation using English-language methods such as DCF, market value and fair value, documents can be delivered in English where required
  • Valuation of business premises from a going concern perspective

Consulting / Analysis

  • Provision of purchase consulting to investors
  • Drawing-up of analyses of markets and locations
  • Drawing-up of portfolio analyses
  • Drawing-up of profitability calculations

Special Services

  • Drawing-up of technical due diligence reports
  • Determination and documentation of construction progress
  • Documentation of structural evaluation inspections


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