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Buschmann Immobilien Consulting GmbH & Co.KG

Active across Germany and around Europe, Buschmann Immobilien Consulting is a reliable source of expert know-how in the field of real estate valuation.
For a period of over 25 years, Michael Buschmann performed the role of head of real estate valuation and consulting at a number of financial institutions. This included 12 years with the Deutsche Bank group.
He has been a publicly appointed, sworn and certified expert in the field of real estate valuation since 1999. He has worked both nationally and internationally since that date.
Michael Buschmann founded Buschmann Immobilien Consulting as an independent valuation firm in August 2008 in order to provide valuations which are subject to neither restrictive directives nor bank influence.
Since then, he and his team have successfully continued to provide services in the fields of real estate valuation and consulting.




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